What to expect from 2019

Tuesday, 8 January, 2019
Hein on Wine
At the pace technology develops and changes our world, forecasts quickly turn into reality and society is struggling to keep up. While I love the energy and dynamic nature of change, today’s rapid pace gives us little time to realign.

Keeping an eye on trends allows me time to interpret what is to come, so to give ourselves a heads up, let’s see what is predicted for 2019!

Brands – While trends in recent years had brands mainly focused on developing a brand experience and an online persona, the trend for authenticity is bringing the brand value back in 2019. Brand purpose, equity and promise is back in fashion and at the same time, the expectation is for brands to have a higher purpose. (Read more)

  • Brands are expected to get involved in changing the world. More than marketing and activism, it is about using their power to promote constructive change. (Read more)  At the same time, mega brands are also expected to work together through innovation to find solutions for shared problems and challenges. (Read more)
  • Following on the point of  working together, “In Grey New York’s recent study “The Famously Effective Business of Togetherness” it was stated that 88% of people felt the need for unity and 60% thought brands could help achieve this.” (Read more)
  • 5G will make mobile communication even more effective and opens up new possibilities for mobile content marketing.
  • Experience is more important than ever, but it cannot just be experience for experience sake. It has to be well-considered and packaged and presented. Marketing budgets have to allow for exceptional experience offerings. “Good brand in-hand experiences lead to an 85% intention to purchase and a 4:1 ROI.” (Read more)

Internet – With global internet traffic growing to 158 exabytes and mobile internet reaching the poorest communities, the internet is predicted to officially become bigger than TV in terms of minutes spent consuming content. It is good news that a new, global internet service is predicated to be up and running by end 2019 with SpaceX gigabit internet satellites to launch early in the year. (Read more) Better bandwidth in South Africa will be the highlight of my year and will definitely bring much more business opportunity.

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