Thembi Wines: The woman behind the brand

Monday, 9 July, 2018
Thembi Wines
Thembi Tobi, founder of the internationally celebrated Thembi Wines sat down with author, Tiisetso Gama and shared her story to becoming the pioneer that she is today.

After a long day at work, after belting out a few R’nB hits in the car on the way home, I usually whip something up for the family, then put my feet up once the pork-chop is asleep. Then starts a little ‘us’ time for hubby and I, usually preceded by a glass of wine, and in this instance, Thembi Wines. Besides, red wine has many health benefits, including preventing blood clots and lowering your blood sugar. If that’s not a strong argument for sipping on a glass or two, then I don’t know what is.

However the grapes don’t ferment themselves, and there’s a hard-working, ‘Black Lioness‘ named Thembi who’s kicking-ass and taking names in the wine industry, sweeping up awards as she struts past the bureaucracy and ‘can’t do’ attitudes. She shared her story of resilience, perseverance, hitting rock bottom and rising up again to resurrect Thembi Wines. I suggest you get yourself a glass of red before we get into it…for the health benefits, of course.

As the daughter of a nurse, it was only natural that she gravitated towards using herself. Growing up during apartheid and all the perils it came with, she finally had enough of the ill-treatment after a patient refused care from her because she was black, going as far as calling her the k-word and spitting medication in her face.That was the last straw for her, so then in 2003, she left the nursing fraternity without a plan.

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