ICWM Mastercopy - December 2017

Thursday, 21 December, 2017
Institute of Cape Wine Masters
The MasterCopy is the official newsletter of the Institute of Cape Wine Masters. It is issued on a quarterly basis, and aims to keep its members and the public updated on happenings in the world of Cape Wine Masters, their travels and all wine-related activities they are part of.
Dear Cape Wine Masters and members of the public
Phew – what a year! The phrase “So much to do, so little time to do it in” must have crossed several of your minds, and look, the end of the year is here!  This has been an extremely busy year for most of us, but umpiring by some of the postings on your social media, I am glad that the “reward” part always received high priority.  With that, of course, I am referring to the wonderful wines that were tasted and enjoyed by you.
There were several CWM's who have once again judged in wine competitions, and several of you have been very busy abroad either judging at competitions, or continued to advance South African wine, be that their own brands, or SA wine in general.  On several other levels have various people continued to promote wine and brandy to the world’s wine drinking population. That makes one proud to read about it, and to see that a Cape Wine Master was involved. Well done to all of you.
Many brilliant tasting were hosted, either to the CWM's and their guests, or to the public. The quality of these tastings was phenomenal, and we should continue to do so during this coming year.
Even the 2018 Platter’s Guide has showed lots of favour and support to our CWM winemakers as well. There are many 4 and 5-star ratings, but especially the 4½-star ratings appear in abundance under their names. Well done to all of you. Due to the severe drought in the Western Cape, it has been predicted that 2018 will be one of the most challenging and smallest vintages in many many years – and with that in mind, we wish all our winemakers the best.

I trust that this MasterCopy will provide you with great reading pleasure, and that it will inspire you to continue to invest your time and efforts into the Institute of Cape Wine Masters in the future. I wish you all a very happy and blessed Festive Season. May you get some time to relax with your family and loved ones, and remember to always reward yourself with some good stuff in a glass.

May 2018 be good to all of us!

Best wishes
Conrad Louw
Chairperson ICWM

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