The #SAwineshowcase at the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show with Jon Meinking

Tuesday, 12 December, 2017
Jon Meinking
It is with great excitement that Jon Meinking finally announces that he, in partnership with The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show, happening in Cape Town from 14-16 December, will be presenting a #SAwineshowcase theatre at the festival!

The #SAwineshowcase theatre experience will be an intimate experience, of 20 seats (free entrance – unreserved), for all those wanting to expand their wine horizons and learn more about the mysterious world of South African wine.

In every session, Jon will expose the attendees to a variety of different wines (other than the “usual”, ito variety & expression thereof) from diverse wine regions, and from varying vintages. Attendees can expect around 10 white & 10 red wines, with perhaps a couple of surprises thrown in! Each session will last for about 40min. The wines will be presented “blind” so as to allow for as little bias towards varietal, region, farm and price as possible.
Much like his radio program,, Jon will endeavour to enlighten the mindset of the traditional wine consumer and hopes they’ll be more open-minded towards other wine varieties, wine regions and other expressions of their usual favourites.

Jon believes that this will not stop people from buying their favourite wine from their favourite farm, but in actual fact, it could well strengthen existing relationships between farm and buyer as other varietals in their favourite farm’s portfolios are tasted, and forge new ones as well their favourite varietals from different regions are discovered!

This is a great opportunity for the South African palate to be refreshed and surprised, and hopefully help in demystifying some of the stereotypes that are found in South African society.

As a bonus, Jon will be joined by his radio co-host, and well-respected wine writer, Marthelize Tredoux, for the Friday sessions. Expect some witty banter!

For more info on The #SAwineshowcase, feel free to contact Jon directly on 072 803 8943 or
You can also follow The #SAwineshowcase on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram): @SAwineshowcase

On a personal note, this year the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) is the sole charity affiliated to The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show and you can easily support them whilst spoiling yourself! The VWS benefits directly from Backabuddy via their donations page So, if you make a donation to the VWS, you’ll get a free ticket to the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show for Thursday, and you’ll be supporting this incredible organization that helps in combating wildfires!
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Otherwise, tickets for The TOPS at SPAR Wine Show, this year at Sun Park, GrandWest, cost from R120 pp at Ticketpro and the festival is open from 5-9pm for both Thursday & Friday and will run from 3-9pm on Saturday.

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