Trend-watching – keeping up with the new context of Marketing

Sunday, 3 December, 2017
Hein on Wine, Hein Koegelenberg
I am a real trend-watcher and this time of year I enjoy looking back as well as finding forecasts for the new year. One definite movement for 2017, one that will stay with us in 2018 and beyond, is visual marketing. Is it as simple as videos replacing blogs? How is visual marketing changing the game? What is driving this trend?

Trends are social commentary - human behaviour as a reaction to world events and developments. The online space is where much of human behaviour is happening and more than ever before, we can now measure people's opinions and reactions. With technology developing at a rapid pace, the possibilities of what can be done online are constantly changing and improving. All brands have an online presence, but much more than having a website and promoting a few posts on Facebook, marketers have to keep their eye on the changing landscape if they don't want to be left behind.

Visual marketing is putting the emphasis on, what was up till now, an often neglected dimension of online communication - context. Keeping the context in mind is nothing new and some of us might have used it instinctively, but in what has become a plethora of online content, today context is all important. Context is what is making the content relative. Where you are, what the weather is, what is happening on the calendar... this is just some of the context that should drive or shape the content. It seems so obvious, but if in the busy online space you are still pushing out content without making it relevant, you are missing out. Do read: "Content May Be King, But Context is Queen & She Holds the Purse Strings".

According to "One of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2017 was predicted to be “the rise in brands trying to create content that connects with audiences in more personal, relevant ways”. Making it personal requires you to contextualise according to the individual. Technology enables us to track location via GPS and likes, dislikes and behaviour can easily be traced through the individual's online footprint. Contextualising your content for the individual is not only doable but by adding this personal touch, you can be quite successful.

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Thomas Davidson

Thomas joined in May 2019 after graduating from Stellenbosch University with a BA in History & Ancient Cultures and completing a certificate in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School in Stellenbosch. He moonlights as a radio presenter at MFM - and has an incredible passion for wine. 
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