Asara’s PureGin festival and news from the estate

Tuesday, 21 November, 2017
Asara Wine Estate & Hotel
Welcome to Asara’s first monthly newsletter - we hope you enjoy it! This month we are excited to introduce the PureGin festival that’s taking place in December, and to share news and stories from the estate.

If you have any questions or comments, or suggestions as to what content you’d like to see more of, we’d love to hear from you.

Asara’s ‘Day of Pure Pleasure’
We’re hosting our first ever PureGin festival at Asara on Saturday 16 December. It’s all about celebrating the best of our local artisanal gins and highlighting Sansibar’s amazing collection of over 350 imported and local gins. Add Asara’s famous views, exuberant summer sun, live music, picnic baskets and prizes valued at over R35 000 to the mix, and we’re all set for a ‘Day of Pure Pleasure’. There are limited tickets available, so head on over to Quicket to get yours today.

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Word from the grapevine

mise en place is open
Our seasonal star is ready to shine again. Last year, in its first season of operation, our destination restaurant quickly became a stellar feature of the Asara guest experience.It offers superb dining and peerless service in an elegant atmosphere, with a spectacular waterside setting on the terrace.

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Saving every drop
Careful use of water is an essential part of Asara’s environmental strategy, and even more critical with the current drought. Guests often ask us about it, and we are proud to be able to say that we recycle 100% of all waste water on the estate, through our use of the all-natural, South African-designed, ‘SOG trickling filter’ from HWT Water Treatment.

Showing off award winners
Tasting room manager Elzeri and her team of Asara wine ambassadors are ready for the busy season and look forward to hosting lots more visitors. We’ve had a phenomenal couple of years in terms of wine awards, and it adds to the fun at our tasting room to see our wines festooned with awards stickers and medals.

Down on the farm

Asara’s iconic farm team foreman Ike Peterson, celebrated his 50th harvest at Asara last year. He was due to retire this year, but we’re happy to announce that Estate Manager Pete Gottgens has created a new role for him as a trainer and mentor to the team. Great news Ike - here’s to the next 50!

First Aid training pays off big
We’d like to extend a big thank you to Asara assistant farm manager William ‘Tokkie’ Bussel, who is one of the designated First Aid responders for our farm team. He recently came to the rescue of Ammiel, the 18-month old son of Sansibar barman Thierry Lubala, who was choking and not able to breathe.

“It was a very scary situation”, says Tokkie, “but the first thing we learned in training was to keep calm and follow the procedures. Luckily we did that and it all worked out ok.”

Fresh, local and sustainable
Hats off to head gardener Tommy and his team too, who have added a host of interesting new veggies, herbs and fruit trees to our veggie patch this summer, including the likes of Chinese cabbage pak choi and tah tsai, cherry belle radishes, red and green karly kale, and a dozen each of lemon, lime and orange trees. The goal is to produce 80% of the herbs and vegetables used in the Asara kitchens. You can’t get more fresh, local and sustainable than that! Join us for lunch at the Sansibar bistro to experience it first-hand.

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