Bonnievale wines signs exclusive deal to make Angus The Bull Cabernet Sauvignon

Monday, 6 November, 2017
Bonnievale Wines
Bonnievale Wines has been awarded the exclusive rights in South Africa for the production and sale of Angus The Bull, an Australian brand and international wine sensation. The wine will be available in selected restaurants and retail stores as from this month.

With a history going back over half a century, Bonnievale Wines was formally established in November 2006. Today, it is a powerhouse backed by some 100 grape producers and three cellar facilities that process up to 28 000 tons of grapes per season.

Angus The Bull is the latest addition to Bonnievale Wines’ portfolio following an agreement reached with brand owner, the Aberdeen Wine Company.

The Aberdeen Wine Company was established in 2003 by winemaker Hamish MacGowan, who founded Angus The Bull. Angus The Bull is a Cabernet Sauvignon created to be the “perfect partner” to red meat and the a solution to the perpetual question: what wine should I have with my red meat? In South Africa as in Australia, steak and cutlets might well be regarded as a staple on home and restaurant menus - all that was needed as a wine designed specifically to be great flavour partner. This was the philosophy behind MacGowan’s chosen style for Angus The Bull, named after a breed globally renowned for its quality beef.

Bonnievale Wines acquired the sole rights of production and sales in South Africa, while the label has been registered in South Africa too. “Angus The Bull in South Africa comprises 100% Cabernet Sauvignon made by Bonnievale Wines,” says Bonnievale Wines CEO John Barnardt. “The wine is a perfect fit with our ethos as a producer of premium quality wines. It’s also appropriate that it’s made in the Bonnievale Valley, which is as famous for its rolling vineyards as it is for the grassy hills that are home to numerous cattle farms.

“The recipe and style of Angus The Bull we now produce is in line with the global brand. The agreement specifies however, that wine samples first be approved by Hamish MacGowan prior to bottling in South Africa.”

MacGowan came up with the idea for Angus The Bull after years of travel and varied work experience that later all came together. After completing university, he moved to Australia’s Northern Territory to muster cattle at remote stock camps. A job-change led him to a small winery in the South-eastern Australian state of Victoria before re-locating to Europe. There, he worked for a UK wine merchant; then as a winemaker in Bordeaux; and, finally a winery in Moldova. After a while, Australia beckoned again. Back home, he worked in Winemaker and Export Manager roles, but an idea had begun to form in his mind that he had to pursue - the dream to create the perfect wine to pair with beef. Angus The Bull was born.

Sporting a cork closure in South Africa, Angus The Bull will be available in selected restaurants and retail stores. The recommended retail price is R95 per 750ml bottle.

Bonnievale Wines is situated just outside the town from which it gets its name, some 90 minutes east of Cape Town.

For more information about Bonnievale Wines, visit, phone on +27.236162795 or email: Bonnievale Wines is on Facebook, Twitter and on Instagram.

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John Barnardt - Bonnivale Wines CEO
John Barnardt - Bonnivale Wines CEO

Hamish MacGowan - Angus the Bull, Australia
Hamish MacGowan - Angus the Bull, Australia

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