Meet the First Delush Diva - Siwelile Thusi

Thursday, 5 October, 2017
Orange River Cellars
Okay, it is out there: Divas do cry…well sometimes.

“When I’m happy, I cry,” says Siwelile Thusi, winner of the inaugural Delush Diva Competition organised by South Africa’s newest, hippest and happening wine brand Delush. “Hearing that I had won almost brought me to tears. This platform I have been given is really an incredible thing. I get to walk with a terrific new wine brand, while continuing to be myself.”

Siwelile was named Delush Diva out of hundreds of eager go-getting women who entered this exciting competition held in association with YFM radio. Her prizes include a fashion shoot and article in True Love magazine, shopping vouchers of R15 000 from Foschini and a year’s supply of Delush wine.

“Winning this was a real moment,” she says. “I just could not believe being number one out of all these gorgeous women who entered. It truly was a surreal moment finding out so many people had spotted the characteristics and element in what you have to offer and it was a combination of overwhelming relief that the competition was over and a surge of excitement at what lies ahead in my role of Delush Diva.”

Being in the advertising industry, Siwelile says the aspect of the prize she is looking forward to most is having a limited edition Delush wine with her image on the label. “Who in their lifetime has the opportunity to be on a bottle of wine?” she says.  “It is such a cool idea from Delush and I just love the idea of being – literally - a part of the brand. I just can’t wait to see what the packaging with my profile looks like. And I wonder if they are going to make a special wine for the label!”

The fashion spread and article in True Love magazine is a close second in terms of generating excitement in terms of the Delush Diva prizes. “Working in advertising and having a sister in the magazine industry, I have an idea of what goes on behind the scenes and the lens during these kind of shoots. But to now be involved on the other side of the camera, well that is going to be interesting and I am sure an amazing experience.”

But as per the parameters of the Delush Diva competition, Siwelile has a lot to offer Delush wines. “The narrative is my greatest offer,” she says. “I get to reach a lot of people with my story – who I am and how I got where I am in the advertising world and made something of myself in life. I get to use the platform to help in changing the belief in what women are capable of doing. It is win-win situation: Delush gives me the platform and I get to change certain perceptions and narratives.”

As for her monthly Delush wine delivery, she says her mother and sister are great drinking partners so there will be no shortage of their company. “I will start arranging tastings, dinners and cocktail evenings in my house,” says Siwelile. “My neighbour Larry loves wine, so I will be seeing a lot more of him. I also have a friend with a mobile cocktail bar and will be speaking to him about doing pop-ups with some Delush cocktails.”

But for now, she is drinking in the moment. With lots more news to follow.

Siwelile Thusi
Siwelile Thusi

Delush - Natural Sweet Rose
Delush - Natural Sweet Rose

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