Do ‘wine legs’ mean a better wine?

Wednesday, 27 September, 2017, Ellie Douglas
Do 'wine legs' tell you anything about what's in your glass? We speak to the experts…

What are wine legs?

The ‘legs’ of wine are the droplets that form along the edge of your glass, when you swirl a wine.

Some believe that the appearance of them reflects the quality of the wine in the glass.

What do they tell you about a wine?

‘In all the tastings I host, I get more questions about wine legs than any other,’ said Matt Walls. ‘It’s surely one of the most mythologised aspects of wine drinking.’

The reality is that ‘legs tell you relatively little about the wine, and nothing about the quality of what’s in the glass’.

However, the myth lives on because of the real reason wine legs appear – and how difficult it can be to explain.

‘It’s essentially down to a process known as Marangoni flows,’ said Walls.

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