Cape Classics In Contention For 2017 Importer Of The Year

Wednesday, 20 September, 2017
Cape Classics
Cape Classics, which began as a one-person company nearly 25 years ago when South African Andre Shearer saw a gap in the US wine market for high quality South African wines, has been nominated for “Importer of the Year” in the 2017 Wine Stars Awards bestowed by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

“We are tremendously honored to receive this nomination, and grateful for the recognition by Wine Enthusiast,” remarked Robert Bradshaw, President and COO of Cape Classics.

Today Cape Classics employs 30 people between the US and South Africa, and has expanded its portfolio to include French domaines and estates in the Loire, Burgundy, Languedoc and most recently, Bordeaux. The guiding force behind Cape Classics’ success is their meticulous selection of wineries - primarily family-run farms who hold the same values of authenticity, quality and an unwavering commitment to sustainability - that they know will be committed, long-term partners.

Cape Classics has been named as one of five nominees in consideration for the coveted title. Among the other categories listed is “New World Winery of The Year,” for which one of Cape Classic’s partner estates was nominated: De Toren, the South African producer of premium red wines.

"In over 20 years of business, we've always let the wines speak for themselves,” continued Bradshaw. “For us, it starts with authentic, passionate people who have a story to tell and vision to share. When that is the premise for everything you do, then you can focus on relationships, service and ultimately make a difference by sharing these stories, great wines, and by treating people with care and respect. In the end, that's our true legacy.”

The Cape Classics team believes strongly in giving back to the community and the wine industry that supports their success. In 2015, they founded the Indaba Education Fund (IEF), a 501(c)(3) organization aimed at improving the quality of education available to the children of wineland workers in the Western Cape, by training educators in the Montessori method. With the first training class now underway in Stellenbosch, the hard work of the organization and its founders is seeing its first results.

“The only way to truly change global society is by ensuring its youngest members are beautifully educated and well cared for,” said Andre Shearer, Founder and Chairman of the Indaba Education Fund. “We are aiming to provide young South African children with access to a world-class standard of education, giving them a stronger foundation of learning that sets them up for future success.”

This is not the first time Cape Classics has been honored for their exceptional business acumen and their contributions to the wine industry. In 2001, Food & Wine magazine named the company “Importer of the Year”. However, this year marks the first time they have been recognized by Wine Enthusiast for the illustrious title. Winners of the 2017 Wine Enthusiast Wine Star Awards will be announced on November 9, 2017 and honored at a gala to be held in Miami, Florida in January 2018.

Behind every farm, winemaker, bottle and grape lies an untold story.  Collectively, we discover these tales and share them with our customers. Demanding authenticity, Cape Classics operates the “old-fashioned” way, with relationships and social responsibility at the forefront of our business. The 30 wineries we represent throughout South Africa and France embrace sustainable eco and social practices, doing their part to help preserve lands for future generations while improving the human condition now. Our wines are expressive, crafted with passion and perspective, and delivered with the same hallmark levels of service and professionalism since 1992.

Additionally, a portion of the global sales from our Indaba brand is allocated to the Indaba Education Fund (IEF). A fully accredited 501(c)(3), the IEF invests in world-class Montessori teacher training, learning materials, and educational infrastructure for Early Childhood Development teachers within South Africa’s winelands and beyond.

Andre Shearer, Founder and Chairman of the Indaba Education Fund
Andre Shearer, Founder and Chairman of the Indaba Education Fund

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