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Monday, 4 September, 2017
Bonnievale Wines
“We always think nothing big ever happens in Bonnievale,” begins a letter that arrived in the Bonnievale Wines post box last week. Written by a learner, it followed an educational excursion that Bonnievale Wines helped realise.

The entire Grade 12 classes of Bonnievale High School undertook a sponsored trip to the Artscape Theatre in Cape Town to see Athol Fugard’s My Children, My Africa - a story of generational conflict over the most effective means for ending apartheid in South Africa.

“The show was unbelievable. It was a realistic look at a time we would never have understood if it were not for the show,” says the letter-writer. “The story also taught us valuable lessons around kindness to people no matter their background or circumstances.


According to the most recent study on the macro economic impact of the South African Wine Industry Information and Systems (SAWIS), published in 2015, the wine industry:

  • Contributed R36 145 million to the annual GDP of South Africa in 2013;
  • Supports employment opportunities to the tune of 289 151 in SA. Of this number 55.6% are unskilled, 29.3% semi-skilled and 15% skilled; and
  • Generated household income worth R23 579 million, of which R3 994 million is destined for the lower income groups.
bonnivale school
bonnivale school

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