Bon Courage Child Care Initiative

Friday, 1 September, 2017
Anneline Smuts
Bon Courage started a childcare initiative to set the mind of parents working on the estate at ease while they work.

In addition to the administrative staff, some 60 people are employed in production at Bon Courage Wine Estate. These team members live with their families on the estate in houses provided for by the farm. Some of the families have lived on this farm for generations; they have their roots here and feel connected to this land.

The crèche was opened to accommodate our farm workers' children while they are at work during the day. They make sure that all the children are properly fed and well looked after during the day. In order to empower all our staff with a variety of skills, a Skills Development Center was established in 2007.

For André’s wife Irmela, who initiated the development centre and the creche, it is all a matter of taking responsibility and giving people a chance to improve. ”It is about changing people's lives and to prepare for tomorrow”.