Excitement is growing for the 2017 Nederburg Auction

Wednesday, 16 August, 2017
Nederburg Auction
Buyers for this year’s Nederburg Auction were given an opportunity in early August to sample all but the rarest wines going under the hammer at the 43rd Nederburg Auction in September. Buyers and wine critics alike have been suitably impressed with the exceptional quality of the wines on offer and those wanting to bid are keeping their bidding strategies and selections a closely guarded secret.

The selection has received some serious compliments with buyers referring to the wine line-up as: “some absolutely cracker wines, fantastic quality wines, outstanding and exciting”

All categories received compliments. According to Mark Norrish of Ultra Liquors, the category that really stood out was Chenin Blanc. “The ultimate test of a wine is great balance. There were three of them that were international, world-class. Awesome, awesome buys!”

Wine writer Norman McFarlane was blown away after the first wine he tasted in Cape Town: “I’m quite frankly impressed with what I’m tasting. The first wine I tasted was the Pongrácz Desiderius and it’s like a mouthful of crisp, bright, fresh honey. It’s the best way I can describe the wine. I’m seeing consistence in quality and excellence of the wines irrespective of whether it’s a blend or white varietal or red varietal or red blend. I’ve seen that excellence coming through.”

Private buyer Edwin Hertzog said of the Cape Town preview: “The products here tonight are outstanding. I regard it as an untaxed benefit to grow up in the Western Cape and you can appreciate the wonderful enjoyment that wine can deliver in your life. It is a privilege to be here and I think these products should sell at prices they deserve.

“I’m not really interested in the return on investment in terms of trading the wine and trying to sell it in the open market. I look at the enjoyment and the appreciation of my friends and family and there I get more than enough return on my investment and I’m very happy with that.”

With excitement growing and an overwhelming interest for tickets, there are few spaces available for serious wine buyers wanting to invest in South Africa’s most rare, most iconic wines. The Auction is by invitation only and serious wine buyers can apply for tickets through the Nederburg Auction website at www.nederburgauction.co.za.

For invited guests, there will be another opportunity to taste all but the rarest wines on Friday 15th September at the Pre-Auction Tasting. The Auction will be held on Saturday 16th September, commencing early to get the day’s business completed before lunch. The Auction will be followed by the Charity Auction, lunch, entertainment and an opportunity to network in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

To view our latest video clip of the Wine Preview, please visit our YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/j8dpahVJDBw