Overhex Wines introduces an adventure-led brand to the market

Thursday, 10 August, 2017
Overhex Wines International
Driven by a mandate to be responsive to market trends, Overhex Wines International has introduced another bright lifestyle label to its expanding portfolio of popular wines: Magaliesburg.

The range is targeted at the growing millennial wine market, which is primarily focussed on the trendy urban areas and their fashion-conscious dwellers, explains Zola Mazamisa, Overhex Wines’ National Sales Director.

A brand for busy millennials

“Millennials work hard and play hard, often gravitating towards outdoor and weekend experiences, in picturesque regions, like Magaliesburg, which inspired our range of wines,” Mazamisa explains. 

The millennial market is certainly booming – and shows massive potential for investment. A key target market for Magaliesburg will also be Soweto. “Pulsing with investments in urban revival, an exciting food culture, wine bars, and a hot party scene, the vast urban area is the heartbeat of Gauteng, leading the province’s new wine drinking market,” says Mazamisa.

“The Soweto market is fashion-conscious, savvy, and won’t settle for second best. It’s an exciting place to be in – the dynamic new generation of wine drinkers is showing a clear preference for quality wines, rather than beer. In this market, you must be a respectable brand that tastes great, looks great, and which fits into their busy lifestyles. We recognised there is a huge gap in the market to fill, and responded to that desire by producing high-end, quality natural sweet wines.” 

Spectrum of tastes for wider appeal

Made for sharing, the Magaliesburg range includes a naturally sweet white, rosé and red wine, and comes stylishly packaged in 750ml bottles or 3l bag-in-box.

The Natural Sweet White, made from 80% Chenin Blanc and 20% Muscat d’ Alexandrie, (which adds sweetness and flavour), is an upfront and aromatic wine, with hints of guava and granadilla, and is positioned as a refreshment well-suited to outdoor entertaining and socialising.

Tapping into the increasingly popular Rosé wine segment, Magaliesburg’s Naturally Sweet Rosé is described as “soft and refreshing, with hints of strawberry and cherries and a crisp, clean finish”. It is a blend of 85% Pinotage and 15% Chenin Blanc, giving it its light pink hue.

Positioned as the drink to have after a hard day’s work, the Natural Sweet Red, is a “rich, robust semi-sweet red wine packed with ripe, succulent berry fruits and soft tannins”. It’s made from 80% Ruby Cabernet and 20% Cinsault.

Creating distinctive brands

Managing Director and Owner at Overhex Wines, Gerhard van der Wath says: “While the building of our existing brands is of the utmost importance, our resourceful marketing team also invests a significant amount of time and effort in creating distinctive brands. Innovation is a vital point of focus. We believe in novel concepts, attractive labels and chic packaging to attract the right consumer.”

The Magaliesburg brand has a distinct ‘M’ and gold vine leaves on the label, with fresh, clean packaging on the bottles and elegant, soft rose motifs on pastel-shaded boxes. Each wine type is identified by catchy, colour-rich patterns in either purple, pink or green.

“The wines are designed to taste great – and look great. It’s something our Worcester-based winery prides itself on – doing things differently, which means watching the market and appealing to every price point. At Overhex we love our business and we’re passionate about wine. Wine is a fun product and we enjoy making it, by doing things a little differently," adds Van der Wath.

The Magaliesburg Natural Sweet Rosé, Red and White all trade at a RRP of R40.00 per 750ml bottle.

Magaliesburg Sweet Red Box
Magaliesburg Sweet Red Box

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