Ultra Value Wine Challenge - Update

Tuesday, 8 August, 2017
Lisa Hagedorn
There are now just three weeks remaining for your wines to be entered into the most sales-focussed wine competition in SA - the 2017 Ultra Value Wine Challenge. The key sub R100 bottle price category that wines drinkers want!

To date around a hundred new wine listings have taken place throughout SA.  Winning wines are recognised for their unmissable quality to price ratio.  Identifying the ultra value winning wines through this competition works for everyone, with all parties winning; winery, consumer, and retailer alike!
In its record-breaking third year now, this is the biggest, most focussed, value-driven competition in South Africa. Big names and small producers alike stand the same chance of winning great awards that help the winning wines to sell in large volumes.

Eye catching bottle stickers and a Christmas-and-onwards promotions strategy make commercial sense and keep those cash registers ringing.
Enter your wines now while there is time.
The key sub R100 bottle category that the economy demands and wine drinkers love!

The most powerful and persuasive set of visual aids!