Dave Hughes Tribute dinner being held at Neethlingshof on 1 September 2017

Wednesday, 9 August, 2017
Celia Gilloway
It would not be immodest to say that the South African wine industry would not be the same were it not for the role played by Dave Hughes – particularly during the isolationist period before international barriers came down post-apartheid.

He’s a man who is accorded respect and honour, locally and abroad, not because he demands it but because people give it freely due to his modesty, humility and good humour in all.

Dave Hughes played a significant role in flying the South African flag at international wine education conferences as well as the International Wine & Spirit Competition for decades. His role as a taster of wine and spirits is acknowledged worldwide and he counts some of the luminaries of the global wine fraternity as friends and colleagues – from Italy, to California, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Over the decades of isolation and subsequently, Dave’s encyclopaedic knowledge, expertise and sage advice has been willingly – and freely given – and in generous quantity. As with any wine or mathematical equation, there needs to be balance. Sadly, of late – due to osteoporosis, a hip replacement and a minor stroke, Dave’s balance is also out of kilter! As is typical of the man, he’s facing the challenge of mobility with characteristic good humour

The Dave Hughes Tribute dinner being held at Neethlingshof on 1 September 2017 provides an opportunity for the wine and spirit fraternity to show their affection and regard for this remarkable man.

The gala dinner will incorporate an auction with some very special lots available. The auction will be in the capable hands of Fiona McDonald as the auctioneer.

Tickets are R1 000 apiece and are available from organiser Celia Gilloway who can be contacted at +27.827821977 or celia@eventsbycelia.com.

Dave Hughes
Dave Hughes

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