The Academy of Wine & Spirits offers WSET courses in South Africa

The Academy of Wine & Spirits is approved to offer a range of WSET courses in South Africa.

The Academy of Wine & Spirits is an approved program provider, since 2015, and offers a range of WSET courses in South Africa. The WSET wine education courses are offered and recognised internationally and since 1969 have been the world’s leading provider of qualifications in wines and spirits. Tutored by approved lecturers, courses and examinations will be offered in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch, for now, and will cover WSET Levels 1 to 3.

The AWS is presenting the WSET Level 2 qualification in wines and spirits in Stellenbosch in July 2017 and contact details are available below.

This qualification is an entry level academic qualification and you will learn how wine is made, factors that influence wine styles, the main white and red grape varieties, the important regions of the world, production of sweet and sparkling wines as well as fortified wines. The course will also give you Food and Wine pairing options as well as touch on Spirits categories and production. WSET presents the student with a full package of materials: including a study book, workbook, and tasting card. You will be learning to taste with the Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine (SAT), and will have an in-depth tasting journey into many wines around the world.

Once you have written the multiple-choice exam, and it has been marked, you receive an internationally recognized certificate and a lapel pin.

It’s never too late to learn!

Come and immerse yourself in the world of wine, for two fun-filled days, whether it is for your personal satisfaction, or for a career move into hospitality, retail or wholesale wine and spirits sectors.

Applications for the WSET Level 2 Wine & Spirits Course are now open. This course will be taught in Stellenbosch starting in July 2017.

For details and application, contact:

Stellenbosch: T +27.218898844 • F +27.218897391

Johannesburg: T +27.110243616 • F +27.865597329

Dave March CWM

Dave March is an eternal student of wine and has the following to say about himself:

"Wine came to me relatively late in life so I am determined to make up for lost time.  What stirred my interest in wine was living near Australia's Hunter Valley for a year. I remember relaxing in the shade with friends at Peterson's winery after a strenuous game of boules whilst demolishing much of their wine and thinking how nice it would be to be more involved with wine.

On return to the UK I took a Saturday job in a local wine shop to learn more. I signed up for wine courses and passed the WSET Diploma.

I love travelling and have spent all my holidays in wine regions, from living in Australia for a year to visiting New Zealand, Spain and all of France and spending four consecutive summers in the Mosel!

A decision had to be made, so here I am, living in this beautiful country, enjoying new friends and loving the wine experience. I became a Cape Wine Master in 2012, my dissertation looked at 'Wine Investment in South Africa'. I'm also writing and lecturing CWA Diploma students about what I love ... it doesn’t get much better."