KWV Wines Ranked Highest SA Brand in ‘World’s Most Admired Wine Brands’

Thursday, 7 April, 2016
KWV has been named as the Highest Ranked South African Wine Brand in Drinks International’s World’s Top 50 Most Admired Wine Brands. This is the fifth successive year that KWV has topped the charts in the prestigious Drinks annual awards and is one of only two South African brands to feature in the top fifty this year.

“Being ranked the highest South African brand is a true honour and especially meaningful considering the admiration poll involved over 200 of the world’s top masters of wine who based their scores on quality and brand appeal,” says  De Bruyn Steenkamp, Global Sales & Marketing Director for KWV.  

“This accolade gives us great recognition and we are glad that our ruthless focus on developing the KWV brand as a stamp of quality and heritage and innovation, continues to be recognised globally.”  

“Not only do we have retail brands such as our award winning KWV Classic Collection, we also produce a boutique wine range in KWV The Mentors using boutique wine making methods,” he explains. “The Mentors range is the pinnacle of our KWV portfolio and is arguably the most awarded wine range from South Africa, and the ethos of the brand is to honour the diversity of terroir that our beautiful country has to offer.” 

 “We also have endorsed ranges in the Guardian Collection, Cathedral Cellar and Heritage Abraham Perold,” he explains. 

He continues: “To further maintain our position of the proudly pioneering South African wine brand image we will place a huge focus over the next financial year in ‘step changing’ our market share within the South African domestic market. Our brand has very strong latent equity and it is our hope to bolster our distribution and activate our brand at the point of purchase in order to translate brand equity into sales.”  

In the Global markets KWV is constantly expanding and focusing efforts behind its young direct businesses in Russia and the USA respectively and De Bruyn says they are excited with the growth opportunities in these markets.  

“The emerging markets in Africa and Asia represent largely white space opportunities for KWV and as these consumers are looking for reliable quality and the status associated with this we believe our brand is perfectly poised to capture these markets.” 

From 2011 to date, KWV boasts over 1519 awards for its wines with 328 achieved in the past year alone. 

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