Rietvallei Newsletter - July 2015

We South African wine producers are preparing to welcome the world. In a little over two months, over 180 members of the international wine trade and the media will be descending on Cape Town from all corners of the globe for South Africa's premier showcase - Cape Wine 2015.
This three-day event is held every three years at the Cape Town Convention Centre where most of the country's wineries and brands converge to show and tell the international delegates what it is that makes Brand Wine South Africa so uniquely engaging across the spectrum of price and quality.

Our country is making the best wines in our history. The unique offering of regional differentiation is becoming appetisingly entrenched. Winemakers are offering new wine styles. The inclusion of wines made from grape varieties new and unfamiliar to the South African narrative are growing.

This is all terrifically exciting stuff, and myself and Rietvallei are looking forward to showcasing not only our Estate, but the Robertson region as well as joining the proactive marketing of South Africa.

Here the true benefit of Cape Wine 2015 lies. Yes, it is great showing your wines and telling your stories to sommeliers from Denmark, wine writers from New York and wine buyers from Beijing.

But what Cape Wine has done, is bring the industry together for a couple of days under one roof, which never happens. This allows us wineries and regional representatives to catch-up with what the other is doing. Here we share our successes, our challenges and together we create a collective effort to make South Africa a stronger, better and more competitive brand.

And that is a South African wine farmer doing all we can to produce the best wine we can for the consumer, whether he or she is in Sandton, Mossel Bay, San Francisco or Ipswich.

It makes us proud.

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