Blaauwklippen celebrates 333rd birthday with a Diva

“Blaauwklippen is Zinfandel”, says cellarmaster Rolf Zeitvogel at the release of what is believed to be South Africa’s only Zinfandel based MCC sparkling wine.

The ‘Diva’ is Blaauwklippen’s birthday present to mark their 333rd birthday this year and their tenth product based on Zinfandel. It is also their very first MCC. Why is it called ‘Diva’? “Well, when you work with Zinfandel, you learn a lesson every day, the cultivar has a temper”, says Rolf.

The Diva is a result of a challenging 2013 harvest, where early picked grapes on 30 year old vines were ‘rescued’ from one block and seemed ideal as a sparkling base wine. Traditional methods were used to leave a Brut style with just 5 grams residual sugar, and 11.5% alcohol. After 12 months on the lees the wine was rested before the celebration launch to 120 invited guests.

Just 1500 bottles have been released, with another 3000 left aging on lees for future release and ‘Diva’ is only available at the cellar door, priced at R135.