Miss Lucy: A new addition to the Springfield Estate range

After a 10 year wait, Springfield Estate finally has a new release for summer.

December heralds a pang of remembrance for that one perfect summer, when everything came together into 4 weeks of pure unadulterated joy. Saltwater up your nose when a wave dumped you off your boogie board, the sweet, almost coconutty smell of sunscreen, and the way you always had fish scales sticking to your legs, no matter how many showers or swims you had.

As a family, our summer holidays consisted long days at the coast, catching our dinner off the harbour jetty, and cooking it ourselves over the braai. As we grew older we were allowed to go to sea – sometimes catching nothing, sometimes catching enough to share with neighbours and friends. We were taught that the tastiest fish were often the ugliest – bony, spiny, red things whose eyes popped out from the pressure change as they rose from the deep, and that time and tide - and fried fish - waits for no-one.

We made Miss Lucy - one of the nicknames for the Red Stumpnose, a fish native to the South East Coast and now sadly endangered - in an attempt to capture the summers of our youth. This wine, a blend of Sauvignon, Semillon and Pinot Gris, over 12 years in the making, was made to accompany anything from the sea, and is meant to be enjoyed over those blissfully languid summer lunches where the sun warms your salty skin, your hair is tangled by the breeze, your tummy full and your heart overflowing.

Complex in flavour, with hints of citrus and pamplemousse, this is the ideal wine for any occasion this summer, and we hope you enjoy it with those who make you happy.

It is only fitting that we release this wine in time for the summer break. Miss Lucy is our tribute to the ocean and the many riches it offers. It is our summer in a bottle. As adults, we learn that you cannot live in the past, and that you need to make your own memories. Yet perhaps with Miss Lucy, we have a shot at another perfect summer.