KWV Launches World’s First ‘Natural’ Pinotage Using Patented Technology

Tuesday, 18 November, 2014
KWV has launched the world’s first ‘natural’ Pinotage wine. Earth’s Essence has ‘no sulphites or preservatives added’, made possible by utilising world first technology, following KWV’s joint acquisition of the patent for a revolutionary process using indigenous Rooibos and Honeybush wood during various stages in the winemaking process.

Earth’s Essence is the result of a patented process, which marries two completely natural, uniquely South African winemaking ingredients two of which are renowned for their anti-oxidant properties, to create an entirely new wooded wine category.

Using this innovative, authentic, natural and sustainable process negates the use of added sulphites or preservatives.

“The use of non-traditional woods in the winemaking process makes it completely new and exciting,” says Louwritz Louw, Earth’s Essence Winemaker. “It is a beautiful example of innovative winemaking in a modern era.”

He points out that indigenous fynbos wood contains high levels of antioxidants, and low tannin levels, making it ideal for use in wine making.

“By using Rooibos and Honeybush wood during various stages in the winemaking process their powerful anti-oxidants protect the wine naturally,” he adds. “This is a major advantage for people who suffer from sulphur intolerance.”

Rooibos grows naturally in the Cederberg area in the Western Cape, while Honeybush is found only in the coastal districts and mountainous areas of the Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa.

Louw says that Earth’s Essence is an unconventional, high-quality, super-premium, natural wine, preserved by nature. Originating from the Malmesbury Swartland area in the Western Cape, it is made from the Pinotage grape varietal, making it a truly South African product.

“Only the healthiest grapes are used in the wine to ensure that the wine stays protected throughout the winemaking process,” he explains.“The grapes are harvested at optimal ripeness after which they are de-stemmed and crushed into the fermentation tanks.”

The Fermentation, with Rooibos and Honeybush wood, is done on skins. The wine is removed from the skins and pressed earlier than usual to prevent the extraction of hard tannins. In order to keep the wine sulphur free, it is also matured with wood from the indigenous Rooibos and Honeybush. After maturation the wine is fined, filtered and bottled.

Tasting Notes:

Louw explains that Earth’s Essence is an easy-drinking wine with a distinct flavour and by replacing traditional oak in red-wine with Honeybush and Rooibos woods the wine has a distinctive aroma and structure.

“The Pinotage shows upfront fruit sweetness with prominent cranberries, Turkish delight and dark chocolate aromas,” says Louw. “Nuances of nuts, Rooibos, Honeybush and sweet basil are complimented by the grippy tannin structure and the intense, lingering finish.”

He says that true to its name, Earth’s Essence unlocks a whole new world of wine by unearthing the natural beauty and taste through a world-class quality winemaking process.

”There is global trend of consumers searching for products that are more natural, that contain less preservatives,” says Tania Theron-Joubert, Global Brand Manager for KWV. “Up to now there is a limited selection of wines available to them, this new innovative process will increase their options to choose from.”

Retailing for R89 per bottle Earth’s Essence is available nationwide at selected Makro and Checkers stores.

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