National Pinotage Day a Day of Pride and Celebration

Wednesday, 8 October, 2014
Pinotage Association
South Africa’s national wine has now got its own day: 11 October will be the first National Pinotage Day, a day where all wine-lovers are encouraged to raise a glass to the country’s most celebrated contribution to the wine world.

Beyers Truter, chairman of the SA Pinotage Association, says that National Pinotage Day is not about talking, but about doing.

“The second Saturday of October will from now on be Pinotage Day – in South Africa as well as for those fans in other countries who wish to celebrate it,” says Truter. “Although this is its first year, various wineries have taken the initiative and charged with Pinotage Day, offering special promotions and events at their wineries on 11 October this year.

“We even have the Michelin-starred restaurant Hertog Jan in Bruges, Belgium, climbing onto the bandwagon and allowing their customers a glimpse of the Pinotage magic this Saturday,” he says. According to Truter, there are many reasons for giving Pinotage its own day.

“It is a totally original South African wine made from a grape that was crossed on local soil between Pinot Noir and Cinsaut in 1925. Since the first commercial Pinotage wine was made in 1959 it has become a defining fingerprint of the local wine industry. Which other grape variety has, 55 years after it produced its first wine, garnered such claim and recognition as Pinotage?” he says.

“Pinotage is one of the major reasons for South Africa being seen as a leading wine producer, and in many international surveys and competitions Pinotage wines lead the way in terms of ratings and scores accorded to local producers. Quite simply, Pinotage defines the reputation of the South African wine land-scape. Add to this the spirited fans of Pinotage, its passionate producers and the wine makers committed to constantly improving Pinotage’s reputation for excellence, and you have such a huge story to tell that it actually needs not just one day, but a whole year!”

Those wishing to get into the Pinotage spirit are encouraged to visit one of the wine farms who will be celebrating Pinotage Day. See for further details.

Otherwise, get a bottle of your favourite Pinotage wine from your cellar or local retailer, uncork, raise, sip and taste why this is a day like no other.


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Beyers Truter, Chairman of SA Pinotage Association
Beyers Truter, Chairman of SA Pinotage Association

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