Wine Vision key learnings and some interesting trends for 2014

Thursday, 5 December, 2013
Hein on Wine
Wine Vision, the global wine industry conference, wrapped up this week in London, and identified a key future trends for the global wine industry. I was extremely pleased to see that out of all of them, South Africa seems to have already adopted more than a few.

Last week we discussed the increasing growth in millennials drinking wine, and looking to food and wine pairings to inform their wine choices. This has also been identified as a massive trend in the global industry; with all wine brands realising the future potential of the younger audience, but also that there are challenges present when communicating with them.

This is not an audience that one can talk down to, or even try to educate. This audience is fiercely independent and insists on making their own decisions; the only influence that matters is that of their own peers.

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