Murdering for Malbec

Thursday, 21 November, 2013
Shante Hutton,
Yeah I did it. And I'd do it again. I'd kill for a bottle of Doolhof Malbec.
Somewhat of a rogue, I like to think of Malbec as a sexy Spaniard (even though it's a French variety) with an ink-black moustache and a penchant for swooping up the ladies. A mix between Zorro and Cassanova.

The flavour profile of this red wine reads like your typical literature fox:
Bold fruit flavours with hints of tobacco, cocoa, leather, coffee, cherries and molasses - Ladies, doesn't it get your knickers in a twist!?
It's got medium tannins and acidity and it really allows steak to shine.

If you're a meat lover, then Malbec is for you. If I was to appeal to the males of SA, this wine is John McClane; it will save your Braai from pink drinks and alco-pops.

And where better to try this wine than at the meat haven that is Belthazars, with Doolhof estate's 'Signature of Doolhof' Malbec range.
Doolhof have been making Malbec since 2007 and initially, it was only because owner Dennis Kerrison wanted to make Château Lafite style wine. However, they discovered that the Malbec they produced was exceptional and as they say, 'you can't keep a good thing down'.

They held their first vertical tasting yesterday of their Malbecs at the V&A Waterfront on Wednesday 20th. 
5 vintages (07 - 11) were placed before us and Rianie Strydom, consultant cellarmaster for Doolhof, led us through the tasting.

Personally, the 2009 and 2010 made me the happiest. Beautifully smooth and plush. The 2010 was definitely a manly wine with a strong sweet tobacco finish.

Following on from this were 4 Malbecs from Argentina and 1 from France:

1) Finca Los Primos Malbec (Valentin Bianchi) $9.99
Beautiful rich, sweet nose. Very fruity.

2) Punto Final Mendoza malbec Clasico (Bodega Renacer) $10.99
A little empty, doesn't stand up to the other 4.

3) Malbec Clasico (Altos Las Hormigas) $11.99

A meaty, herbal nose with rich plummy flavours. A lingering finish.

4) Estate Malbec (Bodega Colome)  $16.99
Serve with a gallon of water. Extremely dry finish.

5) Cahors Malbec (Chateau de Chambert) $16.99

Herbal and mouth-puckeringly acidic. As Winnie Bowman put it, "Lean, Mean and astringent."

Ending the day, was a 3 course meal at the restaurant with a beautiful piece of steak that got 'into bed' quite happily with 2011 Doolhof Malbec. In closing, if you're a carnivore, buy this wine!