5-stars for Rijk's in Platter's Wine Guide

Thursday, 14 November, 2013
We are proud to announce that the Rijk's Pinotage Reserve 2009 was honoured with 5 stars in Platter's Wine Guide and wines listed below all received 4 to 4½ stars...
Chenin Blanc Touch of Oak 2011 | Chenin Blanc Private Cellar 2009 | Chenin Blanc Reserve 2008 | Pinotage Touch of Oak 2011 | Pinotage Private Cellar 2009 | Shiraz Private Cellar 2008 | Shiraz Reserve 2009 | Estate The Master 2007 | Estate Syrah 2007

South Africa’s wine annual, Platter's Guide, is the comprehensive, up-to-date and authoritative guide to who's who and what's what in the winelands. Featuring hundreds of producers and brands, and thousands of individual wines, Platter's Guide packs everything you need to know about the South African wine scene into an informative and entertaining format.

Five star wines are exceptional bottling which are identified by individual wine judges and then also emerge from a second round of blind tasting (without sight of the label), still with the judges’ highest rating.

Platter’s 2014 print version is available from the second half of November at elected bookstores and retail outlets countrywide. The recommended retail price is R169.95. The book can also be ordered online from Platter’s website (www.wineonaplatter.com). The web-based version of the guide is available at www.wineonaplatter.com.