Kanu Newsletter: October 2013 - South African Wines and Love

Monday, 4 November, 2013
Kanu Wines
A belated newsletter to tell you of all the good things that has been happening during the last month. Jet-setting the world has revealed itself to be a restless undertaking of the drifter. As I "speak" I have already traveled to Brazil, Dubai, Thailand and Singapore, before I finally arrived in Manila, Philippines. All in one breath without allowing me to set foot on African soil.
On a mission to promote Kanu, I have been met with nothing less than compliments, friendliness and helpfulness. Brazil is still a relatively small international market, which is growing at a rapid pace. As South Africans, I think our biggest challenge at the moment is to promote our country more than anything. On our arrival there, we soon realized that not only do the biggest part of the population do not even know that we make wine. I arranged a tasting of a few of Kanu's wines with 4 of Brazil's top wine sommeliers. They were surprised by the quality of the wines we produce, even compared to "International Wines".

Thailand in the meantime is still a slightly small market, mostly maintained by tourists visiting the country. Singapore is home to Asia's most wealthy, with a wine culture that goes back decades. The Kanu market is doing well there!

And then I landed in Manila... A beautiful country with friendly people and odd ways of sometimes doing things (like having to pay a fee to enter the airport terminal when you are flying out.) This is a un-explored diamond of a tourist destination, the Philippines have expats that are everywhere to be found; creating a real "village vibe" in some of the area's top international restaurants. In my few days in Manila, I was wined and dined so many times with people adoring Kanu and wanting to know more about our wines, see pictures of the farm and hear about my dogs or sister's children. It has been long since I have been welcomed with such open arms! As I missed their super Typhoon by a day, my heart aches for their loss, as I keep them in my prayers...

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