How the HoneyBee has changed a big businesss fortune

Saturday, 19 October, 2013
Supplied by Field Office
South Africa’s biggest wine distributor, Namaqua Wines, has increased its sales calls by over 25% per month. And it’s all because they have started using a very clever sales app called HoneyBee. Not only this but also Namaqua has now added more people of its sales force.

Why? Because Honeybee allows for immediate information sharing and this means that the management of customers and contacts is immediate too. The main feature is that HoneyBee lets sales people can get on with what they’re best at ... selling. The HoneyBee application has been designed specifically to make sales people be more effective because they can showcase their products and generate quotes and orders while they’re still at a customer’s premises. And while this is happening – while the sales rep is doing what he’s best at - the sales management office can see all this sales activity and monitor and measure everything at any time – 24/7.

Namaqua Wines SA had searched for a sales management tool that would suit the needs of its growing sales team located at 14 branches and sales centres nationally. They discovered Field Office, the company that developed the HoneyBee application and knew they had found the answer too. A Stellenbosch company, The Field Office, realised that sales companies that do repeat business need to be efficient and developed HoneyBee - an android based solution that links to a web-based interface.

HoneyBee takes less than half an hour to train sales people to use the application – it’s very easy to use.