Join the Solms-Delta Gemeenskap!

Tuesday, 1 October, 2013
Solms-Delta Wine Estate
Gemeenskap means community! So much more than a wine club, the Solms-Delta Gemeenskap is a growing community of loyal and valued customers that we consider to be our best asset!
We would like to invite you to join the Gemeenskap and take advantage of all the benefits of being a member!

We would really like to reward you for your continued loyalty and support. Our intention is to keep our Gemeenskap members as up to date as possible, by providing them with the latest inside information. Featuring news of current happenings at Solms-Delta, as well as offering interesting and exciting specials, competitions, and opportunities not available to the general public. The Solms-Delta Gemeenskap is a great way for us to interact directly with you in a more personalised and intimate manner.

We’ll give you updates and personally tailored product information that corresponds with your preferences and, in addition to being the first to know about our latest vintages, news and limited offers, we will make sure that we offer you something extra-special in everything we do... and the best part, is that the Gemeenskap is totally free! There are no fees and no obligations, which also allows you to unsubscribe at any moment should you choose to do so.

What the Gemeenskap offers you:
- 10% off online purchases and at cellar door (excluding special offers)
- Special prices for event tickets
- Early notification and access to new vintages, wine shows, events and news from our wine-maker and viticulturist
- Free delivery of wine from cellar door to physical address in all major cities in SA, EU & USA (minimum orders apply)
- Free gift delivery service; send wines to friends across SA, EU & USA (minimum orders apply)
- A monthly newsletter emailed to you
- News alerts on special members-only offers
- Free tasting voucher every year for you and a guest
- An activity-based opportunity to be 'upgraded' to higher categories of reward, in recognition of your ongoing loyalty

... and so much more!JOIN NOW