Clos Malverne Spirit of Malverne in SAs Top 5 Cape Blend league

Thursday, 26 September, 2013
Clos Malverne Estate
The family-owned Clos Malverne Wine Estate reaffirmed its status as a prominent Cape Blend producer, with its limited release Spirit of Malverne 2011 clinching one of the five winning spots in the 2013 Perold Absa Cape Blend Competition.

A total of 45 Cape Blends – which had to consist of at least 30% or at most 70% of SA’s indigenous red wine cultivar Pinotage – from 35 producers were entered in this year’s contest. The maiden vintage Spirit of Malverne 2011, a powerful blend of Pinotage (50%), Cabernet Sauvignon (33%) and

Shiraz (17%), soared as a 2013 Cape Blend Top Five winner, with winemaker Suzanne Coetzee winning a trip to a wine country abroad.

Suzanne was given full carte blanche to handcraft a wine that best portrayed her style and the innovative spirit of Clos Malverne, nestled in the Devon Valley outside Stellenbosch and this ‘no holds barred’ challenge gave birth to this winning blend.

“Clos Malverne’s owner, Seymour Pritchard gave me the freedom to create a new wine for our Limited Release range, without any prescriptions, restrictions, or preconceived ideas of its style and taste. It was humbling, nerve-racking and liberating all at the same time and so Spirit of Malverne was born,” shares Suzanne.

The name is derived from Seymour’s yacht, Spirit of Malverne, which he personally built more than two decades ago, on the exact same premises where Clos Malverne’s popular restaurant cum tasting room is situated today, to sail around the world.

Available in limited quantities, Spirit of Malverne 2011 is the first Clos Malverne Cape Blend in which Pinotage as oppose to Cabernet Sauvignon rules, which lends a fragrant fruit character to the wine. It unfolds notes of cassis and stewed fruit at the fore uplifted by the supple blackberry character of the Cabernet whilst the smack of Shiraz adds finesse to this elegant newcomer which lingers with sweet spicy nuances on the palate. The wine spent 18 months in new barrels (80% French oak and 20% American oak) and is well-structured with close-knit yet juicy tannins.

“This wine reminds me of a woman, flawless in her youth whilst her character and unique features make her even more beautiful as she ages gracefully. A Sofia Vergara when you drink it now and a Sofia Loren when it reaches its full maturation potential in the next five to seven years,” adds Suzanne.

The elegant yet full-bodied Spirit of Malverne 2011 is a superb meat partner. Try it with a grilled rump steak topped with gorgonzola and tomato chutney; Springbok loin enriched with a dark chocolate chilli sauce, or a star anise infused slow roasted pork belly with sweet potato mash.

All Clos Malverne wines are exclusive to the cellar or high-class restaurants only, but with the estates virtual wine shop one can gain access to the entire range which is available for online purchase.

To order your Spirit of Malverne 2011 contact the estate at Tel: (+27)21 865 2022 of besoek for more information. The wine retails at R280 per bottle and stock is limited.