TOP 100 SA WINES - SITT 2013 report

Friday, 20 September, 2013
Top 100 SA Wines
Tuesday was massively busy, a very full day on the Top 100 South African wine stand in London. As the doors opened at 10h30 sharp, the on and off trades, and press, marched in in droves.
What was again apparent this year was that a fair number of visitors knew what they were looking for and they had bloodhound attention and focus. Others were more generally inclined. As ever there were representatives of companies big and small, old and new.

Clearly the wine trade is growing. We spoke again to a number of new businesses as well as to old standard bearers. There is a recognition of course that times have been very hard and they certainly remain tough. However the industry is progressive and clearly aiming for and working assertively for growth. A number of individual companies are reporting record growth and sound profits.

The Top 100 stand was very busy with a stream of attendees some with real commercial interest and others sampling in a more reserved fashion. A large number of enquires of different natures were taken. For the first time this year a plethora of Asian buyers were in attendance. Interestingly a number of MW students also expressed real interest in SA wines. Knowledge levels varied from expert to lay, perhaps to be expected.

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