Asara Wine Estate & Hotel: The Bell Tower - September 2013

Thursday, 19 September, 2013
Asara Wine Estate and Hotel
With pruning and patience comes purple.
As winter warms into spring the careful pruning of theblocks, an important viticulture step, is almost complete.As far as the eye can see, the spring effect is evident withthe trellised brown vines towering over the lavenderlupins, in full flower at its feet.
Alan Cockcroft, our Viticulturist, patiently waits for the brown, dormant vineyards to be transformed into a sea of green leaves and purple fruit. The latest cold snap and rains have been kind to the vines as this ensures a longer dormancy. Alan can now look forward to an almost even bud break as our wine farm workers ready themselves for yet another busy season. It’s a labour of love and the fruits of their efforts will be our drinking pleasure.

Letter from the GM
There is nothing quite like being back at home, catching up with colleagues in the hotel kitchen and walking around the farm with the dogs, breathing in the fresh farm air and admiring the views. It’s good to be back and getting involved with the cooking demos again. A short respite before I set off to Germany, London and Moscow to share our wines with new markets beyond the northern borders. As Asara wines received numerous awards recently, it makes me especially proud of the fruits of our wine making team’s labour.

I salute you | Pete

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