The "Cheers to You" Awards

Wednesday, 2 October, 2013
Shante Hutton,
I have a habit of going a little cat-woman crazy when I find a winery that knocks my socks off. The same can be said for the rest of the office.
It's why we've decided to honour those wineries and wine folk that are true diamonds. Those who go above-and-beyond in their wine ventures and who aren't adverse to a bit of humorous banter.

"More awards?" - think of it as another way of praising good deeds, those that succeed and many who supercede all expectations. It's not about the best red wine or expression of a variety but rather an accolade for something off the, we just love sharing bubbly with everyone.

The "Vin for the Win" categories chosen are:

The Web Whiz award, for the winery that uses most effectively

The Gunslinger award,
for the fastest website development in the west

The Speedy Gonzales award for the most efficient client

The YOLO "let's do something crazy" award

The Earth, Wind & Fire award, for the winery that is most actively 'green'

The Barista award, for the best coffee served at a winery

The Tipple award, for when a wine is so good you fall off your chair

The Tantalizing Tastes award, for the winery that most tickles the taste buds

The Eagle-eye, for the best use of Twitter

We'll be announcing the winners very soon - when we can all agree on them that is.