Lebanese cooking class at Haskell Vineyards

Tuesday, 3 September, 2013
Haskell Vineyards
As Ghenwa takes much care in shopping for the freshest available ingredients, she has only now released what we will be learning to cook on the 4th of September cooking class.
The dishes Ghenwa will be  teaching at our second cooking session on Wednesday the 4th of September will be 3 starters including: Fatoush (another staple Lebanese salad that is served either as a starter or with some main dishes), Fatayer bil jibney (a baked pastry filled with cheese & other ingredients) served warm, and Warak Einab mahshe bil lahme (grape leaves stuffed with lamb mince) served warm. 
The main dish will be Rosto Madqouqa (a lamb dish prepared with pistachio & pine nuts and a host of spices) served with ruz maa al shaairieh (rice with vermicelli) and Fatoush salad. 
The dessert will be Baklava (a Lebanese variation of the ever popular Levantine dessert). 
After you have learned how to prepare these dishes, you will be able to enjoy a full lunch with all of the above and given a chance to sample Dombeya and Haskell wines with these fantastic dishes. 
Each person will be given a bottle of Dombeya wine to take home to enjoy.