Kanu Newsletter: August 2013

Thursday, 1 August, 2013
When they say that there is 100% chance of rain in Stellenbosch, there is no two ways about it. It is going to rain. Constantly. The whole day. No more waking up to pink skies, oh no!
There are only grey skies looming around. My eyes feel extra heavy and the cold wind reminds me how good it was back in bed. Once I look as presentable as I can with my curls puffing 5cm above my head, I stand at the front door waiting for the PERFECT time to run to the office. 10 metres out I realise that I may have under-estimated the force of the rain outside. My timing is off. No matter how fast I run, I am soaked. The water in my shoe is making sloshing sounds.

Why on earth am I not wearing my Wellington Boots again? With a HUGE rain jacket like a real farm girl should? Oh yes... Now I remember. I wanted to look presentable...

I stare at myself in the ladies room mirror. Soaked hair, mascara smudged and wet as my dogs. Thank goodness my job involves Wine!

Once I am in the office, I jump to work. Have you realised how rainy days are usually the best days to work? It is like the rain does this soothing trans-like thing that soothes your brain so you just keep going. Outside my office window, the Chardonnay vines look beautiful with the wheat-rye growing lush between the rows. The vineyard team have built a special paved waterway on the side of the vineyards to help the fight against eroding soil. With pruning done, Wynand Pienaar (Kanu's Viticulturist) reports that we will soon be seeing the vines blooming. My goodness... time does fly!

When my office is filled with the beautiful aromas of Shiraz, I follow my nose down to the cellar to find that Johan (Kanu's master winemaker) is busy taking off the barrel fermented red variety wines from their 'rough' lees. The barrels get cleaned before the wine is returned to the same barrels where it continues its barrel aged maturation. Sadly it is not ready to drink. My life is TOUGH...

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