The Pool Room at Oak Valley Re-opens

Saturday, 31 August, 2013
Christopher Rawbone-Viljoen
The Pool Room Restaurant at Oak Valley re-opened its doors on 21st August after a two month break over winter.

Over this period, Chef Jacques Barnard fine-tuned a new-look menu still very much focussed on Oak Valley’s farm-grown produce, namely its grass-fed beef and acorn-fed pork. Artisanal breads are freshly baked each day in the wood-burning oven. A new vegetable shadehouse has been constructed behind The Pool Room so that the restaurant is (almost) fully self-sufficient.

Our livestock is bred, born, raised and pasture-reared on this family owned property which represents the ultimate in traceability. Pigs forage freely in large open paddocks. The pigs are 100% naturally raised, free of hormones and antibiotics. In excess of 50 tonnes of acorns are harvested from Oak Valley’s 4000+ oak trees to feed the pigs. The acorn diet leads to a lovely nutty flavour in the pork.

All steaks are dry-aged for a period of 2 to 3 weeks to optimise flavour. The famous Japanese cattle known as Wagyu will be available from time to time depending on availability. Wagyu beef is a delicacy renowned for its intense marbling, flavour and creamy texture.

Visit The Pool Room at Oak Valley for the quintessential pasture-to-plate experience.

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