Swallow, Sip, Save: Sauvignon Blanc

Wednesday, 11 September, 2013
Shante Hutton, wine.co.za
In the name of research, we fill our glasses and get tasting some good 'uns for you.
Spring is coming! A triumphant call from Mother Nature rings over the earth and in favour of warmer days, I reach for white wines.

I was fascinated with the statement Oz Clarke made about South Africa being perfect for creating diverse Sauvignons, varying styles that reflect the many regions within SA.

The hunt was on for something a little out of the ordinary, for wines that were crafted out of burning desire and a need to capture magic. They come from different regions with diverse approaches to their completion.

Happy drinking all you sexy Spring bunnies.


A fresh awakening to shake you from your hibernation.

Altydgedacht 2013 R65
Gentle. A caressing wine that offers soft fruit flavours with a creamy finish from added lees contact. Easy to drink....perhaps too easy. Stock up!

Stony Brook 2012 R59
Look at that price! Madness. The grapes come from Elgin and this wine is just delicious and fairy-like with not overtly tropical fruits. If you like a soft tropical Sauvignon Blanc that tastes like a Sauvignon Blanc (sounds weird but I get it) then this is your wine. Plus, the wine farm is lovely.

New leaves are unfurling and it's time to celebrate being able to walk around without a damn coat.

Bloemendal 2013
For those of you who want a Spring drink but don't want too much of an overtly sprightly flavour. Barrel fermented meaning that it's lovely and smooth, possibly even creamy. It won't melt your teeth and you may struggle to share the bottle. That's not a bad thing.

Steenberg 2012 R100

Make a Massaman curry and then serve it with this wine. You. will. die.
Fresh and actually rather conservative. It has that slight green flavour (a norm in the Constantia area) but you won't feel like you are grazing.

Hold this in your glass, savour the aroma and the way it transports you to the highlands of Scotland or Black Forest of Germany.

David Nieuwoudt Ghost Corner Sauvignon Blanc 2012 R155

This is truly special. If you can resist this then you have no soul.
It's so highly awarded it should be classed as a piece of modern art.
Fresh but also powerful with hints of fruit but also touches of minerality - you can't keep this wine in the corner.

Quoin Rock Nicobar 2011.
Another unusual offering. The Nicobar, with its just ripened white fruit and mineral tones, is something of a rarity.
Lots of layers - sometimes you even get hints of blackcurrants - and with a lingering finish to take you to that tropical island.