The Wine Suffocate by Chng Poh Tiong

Friday, 21 June, 2013
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I subscribe to The World of Fine Wine. Despite its cost, the magazine offers intellectual rigour as opposed to populist opinion. It provides noteworthy content rather than espoused rhetoric. These qualities, in the wine industry, border on unique.
One of the world’s great wine commentators must surely be Ch’ng Poh Tiong. Whatever the subject matter he scribes, I find myself unable to put the paper down till the point that his writing concludes. Inevitably these end in a little, rather sharp, twist.
I found it therefore once again compelling reading, to delve into his feature on ‘The Wine Suffocate’, an update on the Robert Parker sale of a crucial part of his ‘Wine Advocate’ business, to Eastern interests. The content is, you may conclude, rather off-putting.
I have copied this article below and give of course full credit to Fine Wine Magazine and to the author himself. It’s a demonstration of great investigative journalism.
The surprise would be mine if you pour a glass of anything at all before reaching the end of the short article.
Robin von Holdt  [read the article]