Swallow, Sip, Save: Pinotage

Monday, 15 July, 2013
Shante Hutton, wine.co.za
In the name of research, we fill our glasses and get tasting some good 'uns for you.
The month of Pinotage falls in perfectly with this Winter weather. I'm a big fan of seasonal drinking and deep, plush red wines tickle my fancy.

When Pinotage is done right, it should be like velvet gloves that encase you in softness. I don't mean those tacky Pantomime gloves, I'm talking of the type you find in an old Western Saloon donning a stripper with a heart of gold and legs that go on forever.

Here are 6 Pinotages that will have you crying, "place your filthy paws ON my silky drawers."

For a leisurely afternoon:
Seize the day by seizing a bottle of these Pinotages.

Perdeberg Pinotage 2010 R60
Boasting a description that reads "long, fruity and very elegant.", I imagine Naomi Campbell swimming around in a glass but believe me, it tastes better. It's juicy and bursting with red berries and a hint of vanilla.

Hidden Valley Pinotage 2011 R93
Lush vanilla and berry flavours mingled with your Grandma's plum jam.
A wine that you can open and drink without any accompaniment.
Great for Mondays and any day of the week really.

For that special dinner:
Whether it's you at home with the cat or you're trying to impress the other half, do it in style with these wines.

Nitida Pinotage 2011 R114
An earthy mushroom floor with a strong layering of moss and rose hip.
It's rather like taking a walk along English hedgerows and feasting on tart blackberries and currants.
After such exercise, it's always good to finish with a mug of cocoa topped with shavings of nutmeg.

Kanonkop Pinotage 2002 R290
Resembling a warm, damp forest floor that had me doing a bit of an Irish jig, this is a fantastically unusual wine.
A slight brie taste which only heightened the awesome weirdness, followed by a beautiful lingering aftertaste of Christmas cake.
Full and meaty, rather like Henry Cavill.

When all the planets align:
It's a birthday, an anniversary, someone gave birth or your child just graduated from college. You need an 'occasion wine' and we've got the perfect two for you.

L'Avenir Bush Vine Pinotage R270
From 29 year old vines it was certainly, as Homer might say, wine dark.
A beautiful, almost mystical forest smell with cherries, slight hint of chocolate and herbs.
A full wine for a full life.

DeWaal Top of the Hill Pinotage.
Like eating a specially aged Angus steak, this wine was made to be obeyed. Think of it not as a wine, but rather a way of life. Powerful stuff. If it was a fictional character, I would say it was Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
(Sold out but worth hunting for!)

Something a little different

Marianne Pinotage 07 R115
Made 100% out of Pinotage grapes, no sneaky other varietals added. Rather like marmite, if I can use that term - you'll down it or drown it. Chunky, spicy but bursting with raspberries and chilli cocoa nibs. More time in the bottle could serve it better....if you can wait that long.

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