South Africa's trump card

Monday, 1 July, 2013
Shante Hutton,
You've seen it around. Trying to hold its own in the shops alongside other red wines. You know there is something special about it but you're just not quite sure what it tastes like or what it pairs with. It's sort of a no-mans-land when it comes to Pinotage.
The truth about Pinotage is what we're sharing with you this month. Our aim is to get people dropping in the streets crying "fill me up Scotty and make it a Pinotage!"

Proudly South African (Visit the Pinotage Association's website for more info), It's no-longer a wine to be wary of but one to embrace with open arms and in some cases,*gasp*, instead of food. Sounds absurd but then the truth always is. Pinotage is one grape that has such a unique flavour profile that we're literally spinning in delight. From merry berries to meaty, sock-it-to-me, punches. It's diverse and crazily hip. It's so overt, it's covert.

For those who banished Pinotage from their lives, prepare to beg for its reappearance. For those who have never touched the stuff, we apologize for the time you will spend in our Shop and for those who are still unsure or are digging in their heels, shame on you, this is South African pride we're talking about here.

Our four wineries this month all do Pinotage...amongst other great things.

The splendour and scenic beauty of the Tulbagh valley is hard to beat. An hour outside of Cape Town, Rijk's have their own country hotel so you can sample their wines and then stay in comfort.
Pierre Wahl is their winemaker and loves his 'dream cellar' - we got his thoughts on Rijk's wines here.
Why you should visit? Because Tulbagh is beautiful and Rijk's is one of the top awarded wine farms in South Africa

Their name means simply "View of Stellen"(bosch) and since the early 1990s, Stellenzicht has been considered one of the top wine farms in the Cape Winelands.
Their award-winning Golden Triangle range was so chosen as it refers to a triangle in mathematics which is in perfect balance in that its three angles are in a 2:2:1 proportion - the perfect balance that displays itself so evidently in their wines.
Why you should visit? For an intimate tasting in one of South Africa's most beautiful wine regions.

DeWaal's mature vineyards offer grapes that produce deep, rich wines fondly remembered for their consistent quality and enjoyment. was fortunate to taste their Reserve Pinotage
- Watch the tasting video here.
Why you should visit?
Because DeWaal's wines are limited release only so make sure you get in on the drinking action.

Committed to the environment and keen to lessen the affect that the winery has on the eco-system, Simonsvlei takes special care in what they do, maintaining their winery but not at the expense of others. They support and are proud producers for Woolworths and the 'farming for the Future' initiative.
Why you should visit? They have a huge array of wines with two very interesting ones, the Ja-Mocha Pinotage and the Toffee Chunk Syrah, perfect for exploring flavour profiles in wines.

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