Asara Wine Estate & Hotel: The Bell Tower - May 2013

Monday, 10 June, 2013
Asara Wine Estate & Hotel
Cross training - a simple measure that goes a long way.
Often, due to time constraints and daily priorities cross training in bigger operations fall by the way side. For Asara Wine Estate and Hotel GM, Pete Gottgens it is a simple measure that goes a long way. He believes that during low season there is more time to introduce such programmes and with the right team and dedication one should commit to it. Recently the tasting room manager Louisa did wine training with a group of hotel porters. Simiso confirmed that he tasted wine for the fi rst time in his life.

“I tasted the Asara Rosé, Nouveau, Cape Fusion, White Cab and Cabernet Sauvignon,” he said. His favourite was the Rose. “Porters are serving wine to guests on arrival and it’s important that they have some knowledge about the wines,” says Pete Gottgens. Currently guests are served the Nouveau on arrival and the porters are now in a position to discuss it with guests.

Vusi, one of the porters, did his cross training in the housekeeping department. “I have to tell you that I really learned a lesson. I will never ever leave my house before tidying my room and making my bed again. I’m also much more alert about keeping my environment clean – not only at home, but also at work. Now, when I’m performing my normal porter duties I willpick up papers and make sure items are in place, the way it should be,” he says. Vusi joined Asara about two months ago. He is 20 years old and matriculated last year.

His dream is to be a submariner and he regards his training on the Estate as extremely valuable.

News from the farm

It is considered to be a more quiet time on the farming side, but as it is in the early winter months, pruning is underway to ensure good fruit yields. “Pruning is the foundation for the 2014 harvest, and therefore a very important task,” says viticulturist, Alan Cockcraft. “We have to start now to ensure the best 2014 crop possible”. We trust you to work your magic with the farming team, Alan.

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