Durbanville Hills News - May 2013

Friday, 31 May, 2013
Durbanville Hills Cellar
Tasting, spitting, blending and bottling
When visitors hear the vineyards have gone into dormancy, their very next question usually is: “So what do you do now?” Well we taste, spit, blend and bottle…and sometimes travel.
The 2013 Dry Merlot Rosé is safely in the bottle and will soon make its appearance on the shelves. You will have to check the vintage on the label carefully for the wine is in colour and taste very close to the 2012. The components that will make up the 2013 Sauvignon blanc have been chosen and blending has started. Next in line is the Chardonnay but first we have a bit of a breather as the wine is spending some time in wood or tank before being blended and bottled before October.

We are classifying all the reds this week keeping in mind what we want as an end result in the case of our varietal wines, blends and different tiers. The chosen components will be barrelled down for separate maturation. They will be tasted regularly in the months ahead to monitor their progress and tell us when they should come out of the wood.

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