Everyday is heart work for legendary One&Only Le Saint Géran barman

Wednesday, 5 June, 2013
One&Only Resorts
Mixing one-of-a-kind cocktails since 1975, One&Only Le Saint Géran Bar Manager Amba Valayten, also fondly known by regular visitors as Valentin, Valentino or Valenten has seen this resort blossom into the world-class destination it is today.
With both a name and surname that mean ‘love’ and a white-toothed smile that lights up his friendly face, Valentin is a man in a million and an institution at Mauritius’s most famous resort, One&Only Le Saint Géran. This affable Mauritian has been serving up perfectly blended and balanced cocktails and mastering his own secret rum combinations for some 38 years - it’s a career that’s earned him deep respect on the island, that’s taken him to foreign climes as an ambassador of the resort and that’s had him rubbing shoulders with a host of celebrities from all the corners of the globe.

Of course he’s seen the resort change enormously from a comparatively small property into the polished destination where five-star luxuries are the norm. But a commitment to providing the best possible experience for guests remains and it is a philosophy that Valentin follows to the T.

A deeply religious and humble man, Valentin began his hotel career in 1975 when he completed his studies as a hotel professional in Mauritius. Joining the resort as a waiter, when it was still known as Le St Géran, his professionalism and enthusiasm were soon evident and so began a career path that has since earned him recognition as the best mixologist in Mauritius and one of the brand’s best representatives. An astonishing memory has Valentin remembering adult guests as children and mixing up favourite cocktails for guests not seen for a year or two without a word even being spoken. All who befriend this man agree – he epitomises the One&Only Le St Géran approach of five-star professionalism and warmth.

Valentin has seen the resort grow from being the first hotel of its calibre in Mauritius to being one of many - but undoubtedly the best. Ever-humble, he insists he is nothing without the support of his team and the hotel management, he is a patient mentor and as every bar professional should be, a master of discretion. His affable nature and focus on detail has ensured that his bar, the undoubted social hub of this famed resort, remains a five-star, on-the-beach experience where guests congregate and enjoy the surrounds with a minty mojito or a gin-based Valentin Cocktail that comes with a refreshing hint of lime and a dash of Noilly Prat dry.

When asked the secret to his success, Valentin responds immediately “in Mauritius we like to empower people and I believe that if you allow people to grow and always work from the heart, you will always achieve success”.

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