Feeling like needing a cuddle? Have a Baboon's one!!!

Friday, 7 June, 2013
At Slent, Nature offers often unbelievable surprises...  one was finding a Mother baboon cuddling her infant in our Pinotage Vineyard.
Baby Baboon snuggles up in Mum's arms, and is given a few Pinotage berries as a sweet treat. The stolen grapes don't matter: the sight is priceless.

A distinctive mocha, dark chocolate and coffee flavour complemented by berry aromas makes this wine truly unique. The wine is medium bodied, soft and easy to drink with an abundance of juicy fruit and velvety and smooth tannins.

A real cuddle you can't miss

We are releasing this wine by end of June.

We hope you will enjoy it as we did making it and designing this fun label!!!