What did your Mother miss out on?

“It’s easy to dismiss pink wine, of course, since most of us associate it with cheap, sweet ‘blush’ wines,” says White.
“While this style of wine will always have fans, true rosés are bone-dry, textured, and refreshing, and they can be just as complex and food-friendly as traditional wines. In DC, my favorites come from Weygandt Wines in Cleveland Park and MacArthur Beverages in Palisades. The Markowitsch Carnuntum is absolutely delicious. And it’s also a geeky wine - most ‘serious’ rosé comes from southern France, and this one comes from Austria. Plus it’s made entirely from Pinot Noir, which few people associate with Austrian wine.”

2011 Ken Forester Chenin Blanc Reserve ($12.99 at MacArthur Beverages)
Explains White: “South Africa has long been a source of wine values. And the country’s Chenin Blanc can be stunning - yet it somehow remains under the radar. Although the grape’s ancestral home is France’s Loire Valley, more than half the world’s plantings of Chenin Blanc are in South Africa. Just like vintners in France, South African producers make the wine in a variety of styles, from bone-dry to lusciously sweet.

For my palate, fresh Chenin Blanc is unbeatable as an everyday white wine. When well crafted, Chenin Blanc is bursting with fresh fruit and delicate floral aromas, and backed by crisp acidity. One of my favorites comes from Ken Forrester, who has been at the forefront of quality wine production in South Africa for about 20 years.”

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Drinking wine with mom: the best way to celebrate on Sunday. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock