Winexpo China 2012 Overview: Taste the World

Saturday, 18 May, 2013
Wineexpo China 2013
Winexpo China 2012 was held successfully on November 22, 2012 in Hangzhou. This expo is a festival of world wine. Besides tradition French wine, there are also wine from German, Bulgaria, Spain and South Africa.
Winexpo China is an important platform for imported wine to enter in Zhejiang wine market. There’s a brief introduction about some of wine in Winexpo China 2013.

Hangzhou Bairen Trade Ltd held a Germany wine tasting activity at 10h30 on November 23, when people’s taste sensation  is best. There are 5 high-level wine joined in, come from 5 wineries from VDP.

Hallgarten Schönhell is the first one. It is packed in a brown bottle and poured into special glasses. Then comes 2010 Gutswein with beautiful color —pink, this kind of wine especially fits lady, because it’s gentle. The third one is 2010 Monzinger Frühlingsplätzchen, it tastes sweet with different fruit flavor. Next is 2009 Michalsberg, it looks like yellow crystal, fruit and flower fragrance mix oil flavor. Different flavor taste balanced and is very impressive. The last wine is very special. One stem of grape can only keep 12 grape, and these grape were taken to make this wine. The quality of wine is obviously needn’t to say. And winery choose only good year to make the wine. Taste the wine from Germany, you can feel the cold weather in Germany and make you remind of the rational and sensitive nation.

Bulgaria is one of the earliest countries to produce wine. It was highly praised 2600 years before; however, wine in Bulgaria was forbidden because of Islam. Later, wine competition in Bulgaria gets weaker and weaker because it lacks of characteristic and diversity. But now, the wine market in Bulgaria is refreshing. There are many high-level wineries. We tasted MAVRUD 2008 in Winexpo China.

 The wine was made by the best grape in Bulgaria, so it is a typical wine in Bulgaria. The grade is small, so the production of this wine is not very large. The color of the wine is dark red, mixes the flavor of pepper and black chocolate. While tasting the wine, we can’t help but thinking of beautiful scenery of grape garden with warm sunshine and cozy wind.

We tasted Castezo Rosado from Spain, comes from the most famous producing area. This wine looks very beautiful, the light red reminds you of cherry. When you drink the wine, you can hardly feel the alcohol, instead, you can taste strawberry, plum and black berry. It’s hard to forget; as fascinating as the Spanish nation.
South Africa:
Chinese people don’t have much knowledge about wine from South Africa, but actually it is one of the best wine export countries in the world. The wine in South Africa is special because of the location of South Africa and its history culture. One company is an agent of 7 wineries in South Africa and they invited 2 winemaker to Winexpo China. 
We tasted Koelenbosch Shiraz and Koelenbosch Chenin Blanc. The first one is red, you can smell the fragrance of mature black berry and taste a little spicy. The latter one is white, it taste good as if pineapple, vanilla and honey mix together.

There are also wine from American, France, Italian, Australian, etc. People are indulged in the wine world. What a wonderful memory!

What about Winexpo China 2013? We all look forward to it and expect to taste different wine from different country. Why not take your wine to Winexpo China now?

Koelenbosch Wine and Kaapzicht representing South Africa
Koelenbosch Wine and Kaapzicht representing South Africa

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