Top12Wines launches BlackBerry 10 App

Monday, 15 April, 2013
Mobile app for new platform gives access to a catalogue of the best wines in South Africa and to all Top12Wines competition rankings
Cape Town, South Africa - Top12Wines has announced the immediate availability of its Top12Wines application for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones. The application is now available for download on BlackBerry® World™.

The Top12Wines application provides a vast catalogue of the best South African wines along with the results of weekly Top12Wines tastings, and current rankings in 30 categories. Wines are displayed per category such as varietals and blends and can be classified by their rank in the Top12Wines competition. Wine lovers who want to participate in the wine tastings and ranking series have access to purchase in-App tickets for the tasting events organised in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Paris. More cities will be available soon.

“We are proud to have been chosen by BlackBerry as one of the apps featured at the launch of the new BlackBerry® 10 platform,” said Frederic Dasse, founder of Top12Wines. “This application will broaden the Top12wines community and will allow everyone to look at the rankings, tasting results and book tastings at any time through their brand new BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone”.

An update of the application, which is expected in March, will integrate in-app purchases of any wine bottle participating in the Top12Wines competition. “We are very excited about our application as it demonstrates the powerful capabilities of the new BlackBerry 10 platform”, says Gidon Judes, Managing Director of Cytrus Technology, that company that developed the application. “The integration of the BlackBerry 10 Top12Wines application with the Top12WinesStore e-commerce store will offer a rich user experience by bringing more convenience and extending access for nomadic consumers.”

For more information on and to download the Top12wines application, visit the Blackberry World website.
Top12Wines BlackBerry 10 App
Top12Wines BlackBerry 10 App

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