Blaauwklippen Newsletter - April 2013

Monday, 1 April, 2013
Blaauwklippen Vineyards
What I love most about my position as a winemaker is that I am so acutely aware of how the seasons change, as seasons influence vintages. Autumn is here and all the grapes are fermenting in the cellar. We give thanks for a successful harvest.
Saving Power
"Earth Hour" was celebrated internationally on the 23rd of March and energy saving is something that we take very seriously.

We teamed up with Soventix South Africa (Pty) Ltd who took care of the installation of the Blaauwklippen solar plant.

The internationally renowned solar project developer constructed this project within just 7 days. The system will produce nearly 6,800 kWh of power each year for the next 20 to 30 years.
When taking the rapidly rising electricity prices into account, a photovoltaic (PV) system creates a certain degree of independency from the public power provider and a huge reduction in energy costs. For more information visit
Rowan Jacklin, General Manager of Soventix South Africa, explains:
"Even this rather small system already has tremendous positive effects on nature. It avoids the emission of nearly 7 tons of CO2 every single year, which is not only important from an environmental perspective, but also on reducing the future carbon tax that will be imposed South Africa is blessed with many hours of sunshine so the potential yields of a solar system are much larger than most other countries in the world.
A single solar panel here in South Africa is twice as effective as it would be in Germany."
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