Reuben Riffel becomes Fairtrade ambassador

Wednesday, 20 March, 2013
On Friday 1 March 2013,internationally renowned chef and restaurateur Reuben Riffel was announced as an ambassador for Fairtrade in South Africa. The newly formed partnership was celebrated at moyo in the Waterfront and also marked the end of FAIRTRADE WEEK 2013, the premier campaign of Fairtrade Label South Africa (FLSA).

During a visit to Bosman Family Vineyards, a Fairtrade certified farm in Wellington, Reubenhadthe opportunity to experiencehow Fairtrade actually workson the ground. He spent the day speaking with farmworkers and visiting some of the farm’s social projects that are financed through the Fairtrade Development Premium.  Some of these include renovations to the Bovlei community crèche, community gardening and the financing of bursaries and extra-curricular activities for scholars and teens. The day also included a visit of the vineyards and the explanation of the strict Fairtrade environmental standards.  

“After my visit to Bosman I saw the potential of Fairtrade and I was inspiredto get moreinvolved. Coming from a farming community myself I am very proud to be affiliated with Fairtrade. I hope that as an ambassador I can inspire people to realise the difference they can make through their everyday purchasing decisions”, Reuben said as he signed the ambassadorship certificate.

As brand ambassador for Fairtrade in South Africa, Reuben’s mission is to increase awareness of Fairtrade locally with special attention to the hospitality industry.

“We are proud to welcome Reuben to the Fairtrade family. In addition to being well-known and respectedin the food and beverage industry, he is also well aware of the threat to food securityand the importance of ethical practices. He was a natural choice as an ambassador in our efforts to demonstrate how various industries can be a part of creating a more equal and sustainable Africa through Fairtrade” says Boudewijn Goossens Executive Director of Fairtrade Label South Africa.

Besides supporting Fairtrade through ambassador activities, Reuben has already started adding Fairtrade products to his restaurants’ menus. From next week, guests dining at Reubens’ will be able to enjoy the delicious DE BOS Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The next step will be switching to Fairtrade coffee.

Reuben signing the Fairtrade certificate
Reuben signing the Fairtrade certificate

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