Elgin Vintners News - March 2013

Monday, 4 March, 2013
Elgin Vintners
The harvest is now in full swing. Everywhere in Elgin you see teams of people harvesting the bounty of our valley. The Golden Delicious apples have ripened at the same time as our Sauvignon Blanc and typically in one of the hottest weeks of the year. Sauvignon Blanc grapes are renowned for their volatile aromatics so the picking teams are up well before dawn and ready in the vineyards to harvest before the heat of the day.
At Elgin Vintners we aim to pick the required tonnage before 10.30 am and get the grapes delivered to the cellar whilst they are still cool. This makes the winemaker's job so much easier. This year we are vinifying all our Sauvignon Blanc at the Almenkerk Wine Cellar in Elgin. This means a very short trip for our grapes. I'm sure this will translate into a wine that reflects the slow, cool season and will result in a wine whose aromas will burst out of your glass and quite literally enchant you.

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Harvesting Sauvignon Blanc grapes at Elgin Vintners
Harvesting Sauvignon Blanc grapes at Elgin Vintners

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